The choice of the name “Artgender” derives from the consideration for which the brand that identifies a particular company that operates in the sectors of event planning, publishing and communication has never been used; for us art is a real type of human being, that is, who is deeper. Does not exclude anyone but renames a category, composed of very different people within… elsewhere I think, origin and direction; but, united by a single factor: the artistic one. Anyone can be or feel like an artist as long as he is concerned with producing or simply approaching any form of expression. Our identity is necessary, in things, in people, in words, in ways… that teaching contributes to formation ‘individual evolution.

Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe

In “The Luncheon on the Grass” the French pre-impressionist painter Édouard #Manet represents a day off that takes place with a picnic probably in île Saint-Ouen, on the banks of the Seine not far from #Paris

☞ Do you know…

‣ Despite the dedication that the author put to this work, he was #rejected by the most prestigious exhibition hall of the time. In fact, like others, he exhibited his painting at the Salon of the Rejected, organized by Napoleon III precisely to provide an opportunity also for those who applied the compositional dictates of the time less rigidly

‣ The structure is inspired by masterpieces by Renaissance masters such as Titian and Raphael, yet the woman in the foreground was one of the most sensational artistic scandals ever…

‣ Not because of #nudity itself but because it is not related to any mythological, historical or literary meaning. It belongs in fact to a Parisian of the time who sits next to two men dressed in contemporary clothes: a common scene of life in the time of the painter who immediately reveals the identity of the woman that is a “vulgar prostitute” and therefore a #scandalous subject.

‣ In absolute contrast to the main characters is the second female figure in the top center and highlighted by our #iconic red. In fact, this other woman seems to belong to a pastoral scene and what even more de-contextualizes her are the disproportionate dimensions and the “suspended” effect making her the element with which Manet explicit the refusal of the rules of perspective and pictorial in general.

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⇒ Date: 1863

⇒ Material: Oil on canvas

⇒ Dimensions: 208 cm × 264.5 cm (81.9 in × 104.1 in)

Site: Musée d’Orsay, Paris