The choice of the name “Artgender” derives from the consideration for which the brand that identifies a particular company that operates in the sectors of event planning, publishing and communication has never been used; for us art is a real type of human being, that is, who is deeper. Does not exclude anyone but renames a category, composed of very different people within… elsewhere I think, origin and direction; but, united by a single factor: the artistic one. Anyone can be or feel like an artist as long as he is concerned with producing or simply approaching any form of expression. Our identity is necessary, in things, in people, in words, in ways… that teaching contributes to formation ‘individual evolution.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall

For the #EarthDay we chose a work of man that until some time ago, due to its incredible length, was believed to be visible with the naked eye even by the Moon
It’s UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the seven #wonders of the modern world
The Great #Wall of China, whose original name is Chángchéng (“Long Wall”), is not only the most iconic Chinese symbol, but also an important ancient defensive #architecture a military defensive system built more than 2300 years ago.

With its 21.196,18 km and its 8 mt height the #GreatWall is still considered the longest wall in the world
The first stone was laid in 770 B.C. by the Duke of the Qi State to #protect the territorial borders from the invasion of foreign enemies. However, most of today’s Great Wall was built between 1368 and 1644 during the Ming Dynasty.

Unfortunately, due to natural erosion and human damage, we lost about 2 km of the original structure